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Shecan Closet is a women’s clothing line with an empowering message born in October 2020 by me Founder Cherie Arlett. With years of experience in the fashion & entertainment and the corporate world under my belt, starting a women’s clothing brand was a natural progression for me.

I’m over 30, I’m a mother, I love fashion and so during normal conversations about shopping and fashion I came across a common issue with online shopping that we could all relate too, we couldn’t see ourselves! the everyday real woman, the working mother, the determined go-getter, the activist, the boss where are we?

A lot of the mainstream online stores target audience put out unrealistic touched up images that doesn’t represent the real everyday woman (we don’t all want to wear crop tops and fishnet romper sets) I found women said they felt ugly and depressed when seeing these images online and that’s when I felt an empowering inclusive fashion brand was needed. Collaborating with local businesses, Artists and designers is important to us also, our current collaboration is with Lily Translations as the Official vendor of children’s book ‘Outstanding’ written by Jessica Dunrod Wales first black children’s Author.

5 reasons why you should shop with Shecan closet:

1) We are a brand that empowers and we support all causes and charities that align with that, as well as collaborating with local businesses.

2) We represent you, the everyday woman the underrepresented and the typically unseen in mainstream online stores, our customers could become a model for us because You can if She can.

3) We provide quality clothing and styles to fit every shape and size.

4) We have a shape indicator on all our products that indicates what shape the product fits best and if you are not sure of your shape we have a shape chart to reference to find out your shape.

5) SheCan Closet is more than a fast fashion store, Shecan closet is a message that empowers and represents YOU! SheCan • She did • She Conquered Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for 10% off your order and for exclusive offers and discounts.


  • Donna Ali
    February 10, 2021 at 09:30

    Really enjoyed reading this Cherie, I love the idea of having a joined up apporach to working locally with others. The message of SheCan is so important and one ALL women need to hear.
    All the best with your new line.

    Donna x

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