Welcome to Pocket Potions! Pocket Potions was born in March 2021 whilst I was on maternity leave.

I think children are never too young to learn about science and so Pocket Potions provides at-home science experiments for children aged 3 and up. We offer individual experiments as well as a larger potions box that contains four experiments. Each experiment comes with a method card that means you can repeat the experiment in the future. Perfect for keeping your little ones entertained, engaged and questioning – all whilst learning!

With the aim of helping to relieve some of the stress that comes along with learning and exams we also provide revision notecards for GCSE and A-Level science topics. We have covered complicated topics in consumable chunks. Students no longer need to spend time creating their own revision notes, instead they can use our notecards in conjunction with past paper questions to help maximise their understanding and therefore their grade. Each topic set starts with key words and definitions and are a mixture of typed and handwritten notes, combined with relevant diagrams and equations all printed on 350gsm card.

We are always expanding our range of revision cards and experiments ad even offer blank revision cards in English or Welsh for you to make your own! If you have any more questions please contact me via social media or email.


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