Visible Art

We are Visible Art. We specialise in textile garment printing and offer a professional and affordable service. Whether we are printing for established businesses or helping inexperienced brands and traders produce merchandise easily and affordably, we always give our 5* customer service. We have been in the game for well over 30 years but have never experienced anything quite like COVID 19 before.

When lockdown was initially introduced, we were unsure how it would affect us as a business, how long it would last and if we would be able to keep the business running during it. Unfortunately, our suppliers stopped production, meaning we couldn’t get stock in; all the summer events, festivals and races we usually printed for were cancelled, and businesses generally weren’t in a position to focus on merchandise.

After some long weeks waiting, we were thrilled when our suppliers reopened and we could get back to doing what we love – printing for our clients. As expected, things were very quiet to begin with, but we are now rebuilding our schedule, to get the business back up and recoup some of the jobs we lost over lockdown.

We want to help all kinds of businesses – trade, local and independent – pick up again, through printing merchandise, to enhance their brand identity and attract the right audience to them. Everyone has been affected by the virus and we should all help each other wherever we can. If you’d like to discuss an ideas you may have for your business’ merchandise range, get in touch. Our friendly team are always happy to help, from concept and design to printing and packaging. 

02920 566577 

(Credit to Photographer Francesca Jones)


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